100% Vietnam made. All of our materials are local such as rubber wood, MDF, and plywood. All meet US standard and Lacy Act compliance.

UV Finishing

UV clear for drawer box, interior and base coat of face frame component. Our finishing supplier can meet all the requirement of KCMA; mar test, scract test, adhesive…


We have our own log yard and kiln dried chamber that make us fully control the flow and inventory of material, thus material cost is stable and sustainable.


Our cabinet door components and products start with quality and reliably sourced wood and engineered wood materials.

Made from natural hardwood resources, provides versatility and quality for door construction and finish options, including raw, primed, or painted.

Engineered by compressing and bonding wood fibers for greater strength and density than particleboard and plywood

Engineered by pressing wood chips with adhesives.

Composite material manufactured from layers of wood veneer (“plies”) glued together.


The PRODUCTS you need, the way you need them. Explore our options for cabinet products, core materials, and finishing.

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